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The Complete Sarah Palin Grindhouse Trilogy

She's protected Wall Street against Main Street, battled the 99%, and now Palin's facing her toughest fight - the POTUS himself, Senator O'Biden! Can Sarah Palin save the constitution, family values, and 'murica as a whole? You-bet-cha!

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1. The Pledge

Jeepers! The poor are everywhere and they want handouts. Well here ya GO!

They've pledged to the flag, to protect America, but most important of never, EVER raise taxes. This summer, The GOP candidates will vow to do all the can to protect their donors from the filthy hands of people like YOU.

2. The Pledge: Class Warfare

Fire up the bus ‘cause it’s time to kick some middle ASS. Those wishy-washy, flip-floppy guys can stay home this time, as the ladies show the 99% ninety-nine ways to DIE!

3. The Pledge 3: High Capacity

Destroying the greedy middle class has also gutted the source of President O'biden's power. Now as his reign ends, he'll make one last terrifying act of vengeance - turn his armada of killer drones against America!

Palin may have lost her allies, and her bus, but she still got her right to bare arms!

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