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14 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Racing

Car racing is anything but boring. Especially because Outback Steakhouse is giving away a Free Bloomin' Onion on Monday if Kevin Harvick finishes in the top 10 of a Sprint Cup Race. All race season long.

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1. Racing takes insane technical and physical skills...


The force on a driver's body during a turn is roughly the same amount that an astronaut feels during shuttle liftoff — 3 Gs, baby! And on straightaways, a driver basically travels the length of a football field in just one second.

2. ...and second-to-second decisions.

Computer Chess / Via

A team of strategists and spotters watching from all different angles are in constant radio communication with the driver. It's so strategic that some people call it "high-speed chess."

3. The uniforms are becoming a new fashion trend.

Jumpsuits, arguably the most comfortable and protective sports uniform, are also a big fashion trend.

6. ...that is WAY more intense than just driving a car.


During a race, the driver has control of and is constantly monitoring pretty much every aspect of the car: tire pressure, water temperatures, and brake pressure. And they're expected to focus on all these things while the temp in the car reaches over 100 degrees.

8. It's not a sport that requires constant attention from the crowd or you'll miss something.

Projectjetwintig (CC) / Via

Since races can last between 3–5 hours, no one expects you to pay attention the entire time. Here's to bathroom breaks and playing on your phone.

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