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The Always Pan Will Make You Ditch All Your Other Cookware — Here’s Why

It’ll be your best quarantine (and beyond!) purchase hands down.

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Raise your hand if you like to eat. Us too! So wouldn't it be nice if there were a space-saving, do-it-all pan that could replace the mountain of ugly cookware that's cluttering your cabinets? Drum roll, please!

The tops of various colorful pans

Meet the Always Pan, a cult-favorite, versatile nonstick pan that'll replace eight — eight! — pieces of cookware. Did we mention it comes in a variety of stunning shades to suit any kitchen aesthetic?

Intrigued? Hungry? All of the above? Let's take a closer look at "the most sold-out pan on the internet."

Six Always Pans in different colors arranged in a circle

Limited kitchen space? No problem! This 8-in-1 workhorse can cover for your bulky fry pan, nonstick pan, sauté pan, saucier, skillet, steamer, spatula, and spoon rest. And it's pretty darn beautiful, if we do say so ourselves.

The green pan

Value versatility? We're so glad you brought this up! The sky is truly the limit when it comes to all the delicious recipes you can whip up in your Always Pan. Enchiladas, stir-fries, pastas, curries, pancakes, fried chicken, and dumplings are all on the menu. And its nontoxic, nonstick ceramic coating means it's a breeze to clean.

You can even add on a steamer basket to cook tender and flaky fish, juicy dumplings, fresh tamales, and more!

Craving connection? What better way to strengthen relationships than to enjoy a meal cooked with love with your family, partner, roommates, or even yourself? And when it's safe to host guests again, you can share the shakshuka recipe you perfected during quarantine (and cooked in your Always Pan, of course!) with the whole dang neighborhood.

Red Always Pan surrounded by other food dishes

Interested in mission-driven and sustainable brands? We hear ya, and we're totally on the same page! Our Place is a WOC-owned and minority-owned business that aims to bring everyone together through the tradition-rich and transformative process of cooking and eating. Plus, the Always Pan is made in ethical factories and arrives at your door in biodegradable packaging.

Tan Always Pan with dumplings in it

Are you ready to get cooking? We'll see you in the kitchen! Get the Always Pan for $145 (available in six colors).

Blue Always Pan

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