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9 Reasons Why The Tyranny Of Daylight Saving Time Must End

Twice a year, we set our clocks for daylight saving time but we never stop to think what good it actually does us. Turns out, it's pretty awful for our sleep health! But thankfully, Oura Ring is here to help.

1. OK, first off, let's get ahead of this. It’s daylight saving time, not daylight savings. But its unnatural spelling is the least of its nefarious qualities.

2. Contrary to popular belief, Ben Franklin isn’t to blame for daylight saving time.

3. Daylight saving time in the US actually began in 1918 to save energy in World War I.

Uncle Sam character points at a clock, telling it, "Get your hoe ready!"

4. And ACTUALLY, farmers really HATE daylight saving time.

5. There's also a causality to increased traffic accidents and judges doling out longer sentences if they're sleep-deprived.

6. In fact, 70% of Americans dislike daylight saving time.

7. And don't even get us started on the health problems associated with daylight saving time!

8. But whether it's daylight saving time or not, a lack of sleep can cause all sorts of health problems.

9. Insufficient sleep can disrupt your concentration and focus.

If you want to end the tyranny of daylight saving, you can reach out to your US senator to tell them to stop this sleepy foolishness once and for all.

Whether it's daylight savings or just Tuesday, sleep better with the Oura Ring — a lightweight health tracker that accurately measures and analyzes your sleep every night.

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