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    5 French Grocery Store Items That'll Make You Say WTF

    A trip to any French grocery store is a guaranteed good time because you'll never know what you'll find. From odd meats to interesting-looking products to things you've never heard of, why not make a night out of it. Here are 5 French grocery store items that'll make you say WTF. It's not all about baguettes and wine!

    Scented... toilet paper?

    OuiInFrance / Via

    Fruity, fresh and colorful. That wraps up toilet paper in France. Really, scented toilet paper is all the rage. Who wouldn't want a citrus-flavored bum?

    Pastries made easy

    OuiInFrance / Via

    Pain au chocolat in a can? Vraiment? Because there aren't enough boulangeries in France, right? Hey, they probably don't taste half bad.

    You eat WHAT?

    OuiInFrance / Via

    Yup, that's horse meat, friends. Watching Mr. Ed will never be the same. And let's not forget about rabbit. Mmmmm.

    Looks like it might taste good?

    Oui In France / Via

    Nothing like some yummy duck with olives to kick off a meal (if you're out of foie gras, that is). Spread it on some toast and enjoy!

    So fancy, so French

    Oui In France / Via

    We have brownie mixes in the US but in France, you can whip up some macarons via a handy box mix. Forget expensive bakery creations -- just grab a box of raspberry or chocolate-flavored macarons and get baking!

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