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    May 8, 2018

    Monsta X Concert Summer Prep List

    So we won't have to deal with any dramarama.

    A helpful list of small reminders that every Monbebe should read before they attend the concert of the year.

    1. Grab one of their official lightsticks.

    Starship Entertainment

    If you haven't already, it would be a good idea to support the boys by purchasing one these beauties. Not only will you light up the concert venue in a gorgeous glow, you'll also shine light on those 7 talented people who are working quite hard to put on a great show for you. Also, isn't the lightstick just beautiful to look at? Compared to a lot out there, you've gotta admit that Monsta X have done a really great job at giving us Monbebes something so pretty to hold.

    And for those who can't purchase a lightstick, you can also support the boys by bringing in glow sticks or even using your phone flashlight to be a part of the glowing crowd!

    2. Buy merch to wear on the day of the concert.

    Starship Entertainment

    Let's not forget that we've gotta represent. When it comes to loving Monsta X, us Monbebes have to proudly show support for our lovely 7 boys. To buy merch, you can explore sites like their official site, Amazon, Ebay, and even Redbubble where you'll definitely find steals!

    And don't forget that some of us like to show off our bias. So why not do it in the form of purchasing personalized T-shirts or even jackets? Wearing your heart on your sleeve can also introduce you to other monbebes who share the same bias as you!

    3. Create banners and posters for your faves.

    Starship Entertainment

    Make it known to Monsta X that you support them by making your own posters and banners! Idols are known for taking pictures with custom fan banners and posters, so it would be a good idea to make your own. You can even make multiple banners and hand them out to people who don't have anything to cheer with. Just remember to keep the posters low once you enter the venue. You don't wanna block the talent from Monbebes who may be sitting behind you.

    Let's not forget that having a lot of posters in the crowd will assure the boys that our love exceeds simple blood curdling screams, fanchants, and overall crazy antics too.

    4. Scour for any good restaurants near the concert area.

    Starship Entertainment

    The most important thing to do before arriving at the concert venue is to check out where you'll be eating and grabbing a much needed coffee. Pro-Tip, if you're planning on standing in line really early, then bring a bag that will keep food warm or cold! Arrive at the venue an hour before your plans begin, and take your food and drinks to-go so that you won't have to leave your place in line.

    And if you're not planning on standing in line, then take this opportunity to see if there are any places you'd like to see before the concert starts. I know you're bound to get there extremely early out of sheer excitement, so why not kill time by checking out the city your idols are staying in?

    You might even see that you went somewhere your favorite idols visited before the concert. *swoon*

    And like always, remember to wear sunblock, stay fed and hydrated out there! If someone needs water, be a kind soul and offer some!

    5. Make a playlist of the songs that may be performed at the concert.


    This is a really good idea if you are a new fan attending this concert. By making a playlist, you'll not only be memorizing the lyrics to sing at the concert (artists truly appreciate that), but you'll also get the chance to become familiar with the beats, in order to learn the fanchants too!

    Plus, having a playlist will hype you up for the concert. It's a good thing to play in the car on the way there! Also, you can send the list to friends who can even add more songs that you may not be familiar with.

    6. Find out if there are going to be any special fan events on the day of the concert.

    Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

    There will always be something going on at Kpop concerts, so it's a good idea to research fansites to see if they'll be planning any activities. Some fans do flash dances, banner projects, and even sell merch, so there's bound to be something happening on the day of the concert.

    Most fans publish on big sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so it won't be hard to find events that small and also big fan groups are planning. So let's brush up on our choreography and dancing skills. We should also take a look at our bank accounts too.

    7. Lastly, try to be patient before the concert day arrives.

    Starship Entertainment

    I know we're all very anxious for the day to come, but we must be patient! In the meantime, it would be a great idea to support our boys in other ways, for example voting for them! There are a lot of music shows that have Monsta X as one of their nominees, so we have to keep voting everyday! We know they deserve so much.

    We also need to stream their music videos on Youtube and other social media sites so that our boys can win even more awards! There are so many ways we can support Monsta X on the days leading up to the concert, and of course on concert day and beyond. Together, us Monbebes can do it!

    Thank you for reading! See you at the concert!

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