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15 Unexpected Upsides To Having A Cold

Sure, it's not all bad. But when you want it to end #StopMessingAbout and hit congestion straight on the nose with Otrivine® Congestion Relief.

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1. You wake up and don't want to get out of bed, and as long as your phone is near you, you don't have to. / Via

"Hello is that my boss? I'm just getting my affairs in order and picking my funeral song."

2. You get to make a dent in that teetering tower by your bed you call your "to-read pile". / Via

That is, before you remember TV exists.

3. You get to watch daytime TV and rediscover episodes of Frasier you forgot existed. / Via

And become weirdly obsessed with Four in a Bed, which is fine.

4. You legit get to skip the gym without feeling any guilt. / Via

You're too weak. Gym would only make this worse. Doctor's orders.

5. You don't miss out on anything because you were going to spend all day on the internet anyway, and you can do that from the sofa.


Look at all these holiday snaps that are still someone else's! Like. Like.

6. You get to skip your tea round and be brought cups like some sort of royal. / Via

They're being polite and also selfish because no one wants to join you in your rat's nest of disease.

7. You can stay in your pyjamas all day, but in an entirely different way to when you were just an unemployed student.

30 Rock / NBC / Via

There's NO SHAME. Even your mum wouldn't tell you to get dressed right now.

8. At some point, someone will come home and cook you soup. / Via


9. In your sick delirium, you figure out some important life stuff. / Via

You forget about it the next day, but for a brief, shining 10 minutes, you had it all figured out.

10. You actually get to appreciate that sofa you bought and then were too busy to use. / Via

Good job you splashed out for the extra butt-width version. Your past self is a genius.

11. If you do need to go out for supplies, you can use your illness to cut queues. / Via

"Umm, excuse me… *HACKKKKK* can I go to the… *SNEEEEEZE* front of this…"

"Sure, buddy, whatever you want, just don't infect me with your gunk."

12. You get to watch the DVDs you bought five years ago that are still in cling film. / Via

"Hey! I have some opinions on that movie that won all those awards five years ago! Guys?... Guys?"

13. You get to WALLOW in your MISERY, and NO ONE will tell you to just cheer up. / Via

Enjoy it while it lasts.

14. You get to spend all day in bed and feel like you did something good rather than something terrible. / Via

This is like a hangover you can't blame yourself for. This is not your fault.

15. AND you're allowed to commandeer pillows and extra duvet, and for once there won't be a fight over it. / Via

For now, your life is basically like a bed shop brochure.

There are many upsides to having a cold. Share your favourites below then #StopMessingAbout and hit congestion straight on the nose with Otrivine® Congestion Relief.

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