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Being Sick: Childhood Vs Now

Did science fight the common cold, or was it mums? #StopMessingAbout and hit congestion straight on the nose with Otrivine® Congestion Relief.

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1. Childhood: You had to convince your parents you were sick in order to get the day off school.

DekoniM / / Via

Cough, cough.

2. Now: You have to convince yourself, and you can't decide if you should go to work or stay in.

Jason Sweeten / BuzzFeed

Whatever you chose, it will be the wrong one.

3. Childhood: Basically, you had to have audible sniffles to get the day off school. Mum took care of the phone call. / Via

What a life.

4. Now: Basically, you have to be dying down the phone and bleeding out the eyes to get the day off work.

Parrot Wizard / / Via

And you have to do your own phone call and somehow make imminent death audible.

5. Childhood: You don't know or care what's wrong with you.

Kris Yang / / Via

Whatevs. Mum's got it sorted.

6. Now: You google symptoms, thus breaking the first rule of Internet Club.

Ben Rosen / BuzzFeed


7. Childhood: Whatever work you missed, you just missed it. / Via

The one afternoon you missed the birds and the bees module will haunt you for life though, so it ain't all good.

8. Now: Whatever work you missed, you just have to do it the next day. / Via

Sometimes it's just easier to go to work and pretend you're fine.

9. Childhood: Being sick just means you get to hang around at home all day – no biggie.

Bullet the bulldog / / Via

You got the TV all to yourself and didn't have to fight any siblings for the remote. BLISS.

10. Now: Being sick means the cold hand of death is near, and the TV is no comfort.

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life / Universal Pictures / Via

Art Attack isn't even on any of these channels, anyway.

11. Childhood: Someone brought you tea or soup or both right to the sofa.

9 Cats / / Via

Living like a royal. If only life was like this all the time.

12. Now: You forgot to go shopping, and there is no tea or soup in the house. / Via


13. Childhood: You'd receive soothing pats to the head from caring parents.

MrNuraT / Via

There, there.

14. Now: You receive urgent jabs to the head from hungry cats wondering when you're going to feed them or if they have to eat you to survive.

Funny cat / / Via

Make no mistake: If you die, they will eat you.

15. Childhood: Your mum wants to either starve you or overfeed you based on some mum science.

SlowLorisChannel / / Via

You will never understand it, but you'll just do what she says.

16. Now: You can't remember if you starve a cold or feed a fever so just eat chocolate buttons until you feel bad. / Via

Omnomnom achoo.

17. Childhood: Your mum slathered some minty gel on your chest, and it felt kind of comforting. / Via

Mum knows best. Right?

18. Now: You slather minty gel on your own chest and feel not even remotely as comforted as when Mum did it. / Via

Sick then or now, it doesn't matter; you still want your mum. Just make it stop.

Some things never change; having a cold and the inevitable blocked nose that comes with it is an infinite faff. #StopMessingAbout and take the fight to the source of your woe with Otrivine® Congestion Relief.

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