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11 Faces Anyone Who’s Had A Blocked Nose Will Instantly Recognise

"You don't look so good." Tell us something we don't know. Get relief from a blocked nose with Otrivin Nasal Spray.

1. The "Oh No, Not This Again" Face

2. The "Constant State of Sneezing or Not" Face

3. The "I'm Going to Try to Take a Really Deep Breath, but It Isn't Working" Face

4. The "Sucks to Be You" Face

5. The "Trying Not to Phlegm Everywhere" Face

6. The "Rather Be in Bed Than Doing Anything Else" Face

7. The "Yes, I've Tried Some Herbal Tea, Janet – Thanks for That Great Suggestion but Not Really" Face

8. The "Now My Ears Are Blocked, Too" Face

9. The "Can't Even Sleep Through It" Face

10. The "How Ya Doing Today?" Face

11. The "Waving Goodbye to My Weekend Plans" Face

Grab some Otrivin to relieve yourself of a blocked nose today.

ALWAYS READ THE LABEL. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.