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    Inuit Town Launches Longest Wooden Boardwalk In North America, And It's Beautiful!

    The tiny Inuit Community of Rigolet, Nunatsiavut (Labrador, Canada) has finished the continent's longest wooden boardwalk. Eat your heart out Atlantic City!

    Check out the rugged shoreline of the Nunatsiavut coast without getting your shoes all dirty and wet.

    Walk the over 8KM of boardwalk, and say hello to some of the friendly locals. Seriously these are some of the friendliest people you're ever going to find!

    Get some spectacular views from the gazebo!

    Watch the minke whales, known locally as "grumpuses" jump, play, and feed.

    (Okay, I know but have you ever tried taking a picture from the shore of a whale feeding? I swear it jumped up and kissed the sky and slapped its tail and this is the best shot I got)

    Watch locals criss cross the bay in boat. Why I bet someone would even take you for a ride if you asked nicely :)

    Platforms are set up along the way for folks who want to spend the night. Oh look! A traditional Labrador tent!

    See if you can find the hidden message in a bottle along the trail. I did ;)

    So come for a weekend! Come for a week! Explore the beauty and friendly people. Share Rigolet! Share Nunatsiavut!