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  • Family Who Witnessed SeaWorld’s Devastating

    On Tuesday, Suzanne Connell informed the WESH 2 News that she was very pleased with OSHA’s penalties and citations against SeaWorld. Connell went on to say that she wanted to know that what happened to Dawn would never happen to another trainer.

  • Osha Launches Texas Construction Safety Initiative

    The U.S Department of Labor plans a constructive safety initiative in Texas to prevent workplace injuries and fatalities. OSHA will implement construction safety initiative to prevent death occurring in Texas. The safety initiative will include all types of construction work, including oil & gas projects and expansions.

  • GE Energy Receives OSHA Award For Safety

    Hazwoper 40 Hour Trainings Energy has a production facility in Slater Mo, which has received an award from U.S. Department of Labor’s OSHA for providing excellent safety measures to employees in its Slater facility. OSHA’s VPP Programs recognize business and work sites that provide an exceptional safety, health and environment practices to its employees through the efforts of their own employees, management & government.

  • End in Sight Collapsed Garage Recovery

    After searching for more than 54 hours the rescue team has not found any victims who have suffered any injuries as of today nor have they found any missing persons. Once rescue team finishes its search & recovery then the firefighters would be able to find the real cause why the garage at Fifth & Spring streets collapsed.

  • Hazwoper 40 Hour Training

    Hazwoper 40 Hour Training Course is an online safety training solutions provider which offers 40 Hour Hazwoper course along with 8 Hour Hazwoper Refresher Course and 24 Hour Hazwoper Course.

  • OSHA Steps to Crack On Training Fraud

    In an effort to eliminate fraudulent trainers, OSHA is strengthening the integrity of its 36-year-old Outreach Training Program. The changes are proposed in a way that improves the program aimed to become authorized trainer.

  • OSHA Online Training Programs

    OSHA Training Programs have been offered through various channels to hundreds of thousands of workers annually. The added benefit of online training is that it provides both cost and time efficient training to employers taking this course. Workers are being provided training at their own pace which avoids time constraints with their jobs. Some States such as New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire require OSHA 10 Hour Training which is being provided with Osha 10 Hour Safety Courses provided by us.

  • Safety Violations Fined

    A part of this recycling process involves using hydrolyzers a machine for high pressure steam which is used to convert poultry features to feature meals. This recycling processes decomposition leads to production of hydrogen sulphide which is a toxic substance.

  • OSHA Offers Training To Gulf States

    The first one was OSHA 10-Hour Outreach program aimed as a basic OSHA Training. This 10 Hour Class included Gulf States along with 4 other neighboring industries. The topics for the course included walking and working surfaces, machine guarding, right-to-know or hazard communications etc.

  • Tessenderlo Kerley Plant Gets OSHA Star Status

    The U.S. Department of Labor’s OSHA is going to recognize Tessenderlo Kerley Inc’s Burley Plant for its excellence in employing safety and health when the company will renew the participation in Voluntary Protection Programs at Star or highest level .This facility has demonstrated that a safety and health program supported by management can dramatically reduce on the job injuries and illness.

  • OSHA Demands Fines

    OSHA Occupational Safety Health & Administration which is labor department of U.S has cited East Central Machine & Tools a fine for $117,900 for violating safety and health rules.

  • OSHA Investigation JBS Pork Processing Plant

    Investigators with OSHA Administration were at JBS Site recently due to the news of ammonia leakage at the pork processing plant. This incident sent almost 51 employees to hospital. OSHA policy is that if 3 or more people are taken to hospital as a result of work place safety then that case becomes a top priority for them to investigate.

  • Whiting Turner Contracting Company Join to Enhance Safety

    OSHA has formed a partnership with Whiting Turner Contracting Co to reduce hazards and enhance safety of workers during construction. Knowledge and training are 2 important things in evaluating, identifying and eliminating work related hazards. This partnership takes a practical approach to safety and health that will pay in reduced human costs and increase morale and productivity.

  • OSHA Construction Industry Training

    OSHA’s Training Programs have been offered through various channels to hundreds of thousands of workers every year. The benefit of this online training is that it provides both cost and time efficiency to workers that offer training to their workers, which is especially important in today’s economy. Workers are being able to train at their own pace and schedule therefore avoiding time cons.

  • OSHA 10 Hour Safety Courses

    Our courses are at an advantage by offering services online so that you can complete the course at your pace. Our courses are being provided at a cost effective rates thereby making us better than our competitors.

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