10 Reasons We’re Actually Excited About ObamaCare

Who knew health insurance could be so thrilling? Now that the site is up and running, there are a lot of exciting new options out there. Like Oscar, the new insurance kid on the block here to make your experience easy and simple.

1. You can stay on your parents’ health insurance longer.

2. Preexisting conditions are no longer a barrier to entry for insurance.

3. More small businesses will provide health insurance to their employees.

4. The Affordable Care Act and ObamaCare are the same thing.

You knew that, right?

5. The government will help individuals afford coverage.

6. You can shop for coverage on your state’s marketplace.

It’s like Kayak.com, but for insurance.

7. Under the ACA there is more mental health coverage.

8. Most birth control will be covered.

9. Your gym membership cost may be reimbursed.

But, you’re still in charge of figuring out how to work out.

10. Best of all, more Americans will have access to affordable health care.

Say “Hi” to Oscar.

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