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12 Things Our Dads Taught Us About Being A True Fan

Make him proud! Our dads have been cheering on their teams a lot longer than we have — and they'll make sure we never forget it.

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1. To be a true fan, you must support you team as passionately as you support your country.

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The game is bigger than you are.

2. You should try to learn everything there is to know about your team's history.

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Memorize shootout scores.

3. To be a true fan, you have to really show off your excitement.


Even if you're the only ones in the stands.

4. And if you're not screaming, you're not trying hard enough.

By halftime, you should have no voice left.

5. If you want to be taken seriously, you must not goof around when the game is on.


It's serious business in both stadiums and couches.

6. And you must not use the remote control. No exceptions.


Flipping during commercials is risky, risky business.

7. To be a true fan, you must watch the game until you fall asleep.

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Leave it on record so you can watch the next morning.

8. And you must forgive your team for errors, because it's always harder than it looks.


Forgive, forget, and tell them you love them anyway.

9. You must stay loyal to the teams you were raised with.

Our teams are like our families.
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Our teams are like our families.

10. If you're a true fan, you're allowed to feel down sometimes.

Love is a battlefield.
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Love is a battlefield.

11. As long as you find a way back up again.

Your fellow fans are your support system.
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Your fellow fans are your support system.

12. Because the best way to show you're a true fan is to show up for every game.

Dad leads by example.