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Organization Theory & Design Of Equifax

Credit scores are important... right?

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Listen up!


We're here to tell you about the Equifax data breach.

"Who is Equifax?" You may ask


Equifax is a consumer credit reporting agency that collects credit information for users in the US and Canada. They analyze this data to help their users make better financial decisions.

Why should you care?


This summer Equifax was hacked and the information of 143 million people was leaked - including 8,000 Canadians. Hope it wasn't you!

You're probably wondering how this happened...


There is one main reason found on the Internet for this breach: Equifax failed to update a vulnerable software.

So we did some digging...

We found that Equifax actually failed to display certain organizational design topics.

For starters, their organizational structure was a little whacky...

Their hierarchy of authority was unclear...


Their lack of corporate culture and security played a part...

Equifax did not prioritize security of their customer's personal information.

They had a defender strategy approach...

They had some competition...


They were a little too dependent on their resources...

But we have some recommendations to fix this!


So let's get started!!!

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