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This Canadian-Made Collagen Powder Is An Absolute Game Changer

It's our latest collagen obsession.

If you've ever been a consumer of internet culture, you've probably heard the hype around collagen powder.

If you haven't met Canada’s first and largest collagen line, you need to. Meet Organika!

A photo of the lower half of a woman sitting on a kitchen counter holding a mug next to a coffee machine and a bottle of Organika.

This winning line packs a variety of benefits ranging from joint support to radiant skin.

A photo of the line of Organika products on a kitchen counter. There are five bottles.

To help support your hair, skin, nails and gut, start with the OG of their lineup, the Enhanced Collagen Original. Sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle, 100% clean and trusted.

A photo of a coffee machine and a bottle of Organika Enhanced Collagen sitting next to a coffee cup and a hand stirring in it with a spoon.

You can start your day with the Enhanced Collagen Vitality, which can have energy- and mood-boosting properties.

A photo of Organika and a glass sitting on a table while a woman holding a yoga mat is coming down the stairs behind it.

Dazzle ‘em on screen or IRL. Formulated with skin loving ingredients, Enhanced Collagen Pure Beauty is perfect for boosting your beauty regime.

A photo of Organika Pure Beauty sitting on a wooden ledge against a white wall.

If you've had a long, stressful day, it's time to chill with the Enhanced Collagen Relax. It will help support the growth and recovery of your muscles and joints.

A photo of a bottle of Organika and a coffee cup on a shelf on top of a bathtub full of water.

If you're prone to restless nights, their Enhanced Collagen Sleep might be for you. It's got just a hint of melatonin in it to help you blissfully fall into slumber.

A photo of Organika Sleep on a kitchen counter.

Getting started couldn't be easier: just add two scoops of Organika collagen to your fave hot or cold drink or mix it into power-packed snack recipes.

A photo of a bedroom with Organika on the side table with some books, water, and vases.

Now is the perfect time to try their entire collagen line. Organika’s annual Collagen Event is going on now! Head to and buy any two collagen products and get 40% off using code MYCOLLAGEN40. Don’t miss out, they sell out fast!

A photo of the line of Organika products in a row on a kitchen counter with a woman playing with her hair in the background.