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Paid PostPosted on Aug 21, 2017

Share Your Opinions On Colours And We'll Guess Your Favourite Oreo Flavour

Your taste in colours and patterns can say a lot about your sweet tooth. Take this quiz to see which Oreo Flavour you’ll want the most.

  1. Which paisley pattern do you
    find more appealing?

  2. Choose a shade of pink to
    wear to a dinner party:

  3. Which retro pattern
    reminds you the most of
    your childhood?

  4. Pick the ink drop pattern
    that you think would
    look coolest on a T-shirt:

  5. Select the houndstooth
    pattern that makes you
    the hungriest:

  6. Which photo of the
    aurora borealis do you find
    the most comforting?

  7. Lastly, stare at these patterns until your eyes lose focus.
    Which one attracted your
    mind’s attention?

Did we correctly guess which one of the four Oreo Flavours is your favourite?

Images © Getty/iStock / BuzzFeed