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35 Thoughts Immigrants Had During Hillary Vs Trump Debate

There was not a single question about immigration.

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1. When you wanted to let them know that we are here to stay.

No matter what @realDonaldTrump and @HillaryClinton policies on immigration are, we're not going anywhere. We're #HeretoStay #DebateNight

2. When you wanted to let them know that we're watching. 👀

My family is watching the #DebateNight. We are immigrants and we’re #HereToStay @andersoncooper

3. When you wanted to tell them that we're not watching this event alone.

Watching #PresidentialDebate w/ undocumented fam & friends. Our message for @realDonaldTrump & @HillaryClinton: We are #HereToStay

4. When Trump reminded all of us that he still wants to deport our family and friends.

First 3 minutes of Trump talking and he already talked about the wall and ICE. #HereToStay

5. When you wanted to ask Trump how he's going to do anything as President when he is so low energy at the debate.

Is Trump tired? One could say... very low energy.

6. When you wanted to ask Trump why he's not answering your questions about his latest scandal.

Did you talk about assaulting women? Donald Trump's answer "but ISIS." 🙈 #debate

7. When you want to tell the world how you feel about misogyny... 🙅🙅🙅

Misogyny is unacceptable - no matter who or what #lockerroomtalk #debatenight

8. When Trump tried to dismiss rape culture as "Locker Room Talk." (whatever that means?) 😤

Rape culture is rape culture. Locker talk? Ha! #Sexism #Elections2016

9. Oh! That Locker Room talk...

What is locker room talk? @realDonaldTrump the same talk that you have used to spread hatred, xenophobia , & racism . #HereToStay

10. When Trump learned to say Latinos.

Trump "I'm going to help the latinos..hispanics..." like he don't know how to identify people #debate

11. When you were tired of being shut out of the debate.

Let's talk about immigration . @andersoncooper ask the candidates if they want to deport me ? If they want to deport my mother #HereToStay

12. When you told the world that we will not forget.

My friends & family members won't forget how @realDonaldTrump promised to deport all of us. We're #HereToStay #debate @andersoncooper

13. When you asked Hillary Clinton to do more for our immigrants in detention centers.

Will @HillaryClinton close detention centers & stop deportations in her first 100 days? #HereToStay #DebateNight

14. When you reminded Hillary that she can take executive action in her first 100 days as President.

@HillaryClinton will you commit to shutting down detention centers in the first 100 days? Immigrants are #HereToStay @andersoncooper

15. Hillary, really, our families and friends are suffering.

Families suffer in detention centers. @HillaryClinton, end detention in your first 100days! #HereToStay #DebateNight

16. When you turned your Spanish mode on.

.@realDonaldTrump tu abuso emocional de tratar de intimidar a la comunidad inmigrante no te servirá #AquiEstamosYNoNosVamos #debate

17. When you turned your Spanglish mode on.

Que pinche vergüenza esta noche. I'm tired of my mom, an undocumented woman, being at the crosshairs of Trump's rhetoric #HereToStay #Debate

18. When you told Trump how you feel about his stances on womxn rights.

If @realDonaldTrump was in charge our laws, women would be punished for abortions, immigrant families would be split up #HereToStay #debate

19. When you reminded the debate about our immigrant friends and families struggling at the border.

During tonight's #debate, we are remembering and honoring the millions of families who've suffered from our militarized border. #heretostay

20. When you noticed how much Trump wants to talk about his islamophobia.

21. When you told Trump how you feel about his ban on Muslims.

Attn Trump, Muslim sisters and brothers are #heretostay and will continue being vital parts of our communities. #Debate

22. When Trump really tries to make things worse for us.

Again @realDonaldTrump committing on the continued criminalization of immigrants & mass deportation #debate News flash we are #HereToStay

23. When you reminded Trump about how difficult it is to immigrate as a refugee.

FYI - all refugees go through "extreme vetting." It takes years for refugees to get here. They don't just get on a plane. #debate

24. When you fact checked Trump, and all he said about refugees were lies.

FYI on the process of refugee status #FactCheck #debate #refugeeswelcome #HereToStay

25. When you reminded Trump about who you are.

Dear Trump: I'm a Muslim Latina and your campaign, your actions, and your rhetoric disgust me. #debate #heretostay #MuslimsAreNotTerrorist

26. When you noticed what Trump has been doing his entire campaign. 🤔

Donald Trump has essentially been berating a woman for nearly an hour on national television. This is who Donald Trump is. #Debate

27. When you realize you pay taxes but Trump does not.

My immigrant community paid billions in taxes every year but @realDonaldTrump pays nothing. #HereToStay #debates

28. Like, really, #MoreThanTrump.

I still pay more taxes than Trump, and I'm undocumented. #HereToStay #DebateNight

29. When you reminded the world that our communities are watching.

Immigrants watching as you ignore our pleas for respect @realDonaldTrump @HillaryClinton @andersoncooper…

30. When it had been over an hour, but you had not heard solutions on immigration.

When there was no question about immigration , but trump still managed to spread xenophobia and racism #heretostay

31. Like, really?

NOT ONE IMMIGRATION QUESTION. #debates #heretostay

32. When you had enough of Trump's "China, China, China, China..."

HAY! Yet another China shoutout. For #AAPI communities, what matters more is our #immigration policy. #debate

33. The debate lasted one hour and 30 minutes.

Waiting for a question on immigration. #debate #heretostay

34. When the debate was about to be over.

Live footage of me waiting for Trump and Clinton to speak about immigration and immigration reform. #debatenight

35. When the debate was over, but you know what's coming up next.

So disappointed. No mention on Immigration! We need to push full force to bring it up in the final debate in nevada! #debates #heretostay

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