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The 10 Emotions We All Experience In Primark

Rage, third world guilt, unexpected legwarmer lust, repeat.

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Which is when the next emotion hits...

2. Panic.

Current status: sitting in the control pants section of Oxford Street Primark, rocking back and forward to calm myself #PanicSaturday

— Dora Somerville (@doraexploring) December 21, 2013

SOS - Lost in Reading Primark

— CJ Tee (@chickenoriental) December 28, 2013


#britishproblemsnight walking round primark but browsing for clothes on the floor because they've all fallen

— josie (@narryspizzzaaa) December 28, 2013


But suddenly...


But invariably you will next feel...

5. Then there's the rage.

Primark is the most horrific store ever. It's always 100 degrees and packed with ill-mannered people

— Jake Bennett (@Jake_Bennett) December 28, 2013

There's never a place a man can stand in peace in Primark without being in the way! #nuisance

— Rammo (@AndyRammo) December 28, 2013

How the hell do people shop in Primark!! TOO MANY PEOPLE! #Dying #Stress #HatingLife

— Jess North (@_jessnorth) December 28, 2013

So much rage.

I hate shopping in primark everyone walks too slow and i just saw someone wearing pauls boutique

— lesterslions (@lesterslions) December 30, 2013

How the hell are you trying to flirt with me whilst rummaging through the reduced rail in Primark? #no

— Bea (@Habbibaaa) December 30, 2013


Also, er, apparently this.

it actually smelt like vagina in primark

— ~Radioactive~ (@f0rever_wild) December 28, 2013


There'll probably be some of this.

Standing in Primark next to a woman with 3 teeth, standard

— Harry (@HaichEllDubya) December 28, 2013

And this.

Everytime I go in a primark there is at least 7 babies crying. Is there some unwritten rule?

— Hanni R-B (@HanniRB) December 28, 2013


That's fine. That's totally fine. That just takes us to the tenth traditional Primark-related emotion.