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21 Things That Will Only Make Sense If You Have A Colicky Baby


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11. Luckily, everybody has an unsolicited opinion on how to handle colic.

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Your parents say it doesn't exist. Your friends say you should quit dairy. Your sister thinks you should take your baby to the chiropractor.

12. You buy a bunch of colic medicines, and they help...a bit.

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13. You try some baby massage, and that helps... a bit.

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14. You start wearing your baby, and that helps a bit, too.

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18. By now, though, you're a little more immune to the noise of the crying.

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In fact, you've developed a shorthand based on the intensity of the crying. "How was the baby last night?" "Oh, not the worst. He only reached level 4."

19. (And also you have a little colic medicine of your own.)

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20. Don't worry. At some point the clouds will part, the colic will stop, and you'll get your bundle of squidgy joy back again.

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Cheeks and all.

21. You'll have been there, done that, and got the T-shirt.

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