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    Sainsbury's Responded To A Customer On Twitter With An Endless Stream Of Fish Puns

    We counted no fewer than fifty. Take a bow, Sainsbury's Twitter person.

    The customer, Marty Lawrence, threw the first fish pun.

    'David' at Sainsbury's gamely replied.

    Marty describes himself as a 'proud punslinger' in his Twitter bio, so another pun was only to be expected.

    But who knew that Sainsbury's would take to fish punning like a fish to, well, you know?

    Or that the puns would keep coming?

    And coming.

    This isn't the first brand/customer pun summit to hit Twitter, and some people assumed it was a PR stunt. Marty denies it, but we've yet to hear from 'David'.

    Presumably because he's busy learning that porpoises aren't actually fish.

    The whole exchange reads like a modern-day version of Brief Encounter.

    If Brief Encounter was reimagined as a burgeoning fish pun-based internet consumer bromance.

    Starring Ethan Hawke as Marty, and Julie Delpy as all of Sainsbury's 500+ UK stores.

    So well done, Marty and 'David'.

    Consider this diem well and truly carped.

    Can it with the fish puns now, though, yeah?

    Can it like tuna.

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