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Here's Proof That Miguel Is A Repeat Offender

Miguel committed the biggest fashion crime of all times at the Met Gala--and it's not his first.

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This is what Miguel wore to the Punk Gala / Via

The Met Gala is fashion's biggest gathering. It's an annual ball that celebrates the Metropolitan Museum's fashion exhibit. It's hosted by Vogue, and its editor Anna Wintour greets everyone personally at the red carpet. It's the place to see and be seen. It's probably the most important social event in New York. Tickets go for thousands of dollars and everyone-who-is-anyone attends. This year's theme was Punk and celebrities dressed accordingly. So did Miguel, who appeared solo on the red carpet in his version of Punk clothing.

He has a collection of fancy pairs to wear at special occasions

Mary HK Choi / Via

It's hard to decide what to wear when you have such a large selection. Miguel struggled to pick a pair before the Grammys earlier this year, as captured by this photograph taken before his red carpet appearance.

Look closer

Mary HK Choi / Via

Yup, these are the same Pradas he wore to the Met Gala. He must really love them to commit the biggest fashion crime at fashion's biggest night! This is what fashionistas call a repeat offender and it is frowned upon among the glitterati.

Also, totally related is what Chris Brown wore at the Grammys this year

Steve Granitz/ / Via

You got it, it's the same Lanvin suit as Miguel. But Brown chose to complement the suit with a pair of Dries Van Noten shoes. Who knows who copied how. Or maybe it was just a coincidence. But one thing is certain, Miguel's fashion track record does not look good.

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