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Turkish Cinema's Hilarious Hollywood Rip-Offs

Turkish filmmakers once had a habit of remaking international classics whether through adapting, recreating or merely plagiarizing.

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1. Star Trek makes it to Turkey / Via

2. Yes, it is the Exorcist / Via

3. They merely used Star Wars as background / Via

4. Turkish Dracula sucks blood in Istanbul / Via

5. Italian comic hero Killing is called Kilink in Turkish / Via

6. It's a... Flying Turkish Superman in Red / Via

7. It's not the 80s without a Turkish Rambo / Via

8. It's Exactly The Woman in Red / Via

9. He's called Superman but he looks like Batman / Via

10. The Phantom is in Black and White and Turkish / Via

11. Beware of the Turkish Jaws / Via

12. Italian comics hero Zagor was once very popular in Turkey / Via

13. Turkey has its own Dirty Harry / Via

14. Ed Wood would be jealous of these Turkish flying saucers / Via

15. Meet Badi, the Turkish E.T.


16. It's almost like the Avengers!

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