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12 Reasons Why Everyone Hates Anne Hathaway

Here's a simple breakdown of how the once loved-by-all movie princess became the most hated celebrity of late.

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2. And she dated this guy who turned out to be a crook.

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As the Vanity Fair profile sums it the 30 something "Raffaello Follieri has been jailed on fraud and money-laundering charges." And Hathaway left him 10 days before things got bad.

3. She was a pretty bad Oscar host.

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The Academy members don't want to be reminded of the 2011 ceremony, which Anne Hathaway and James Franco jointly ruined.

6. She lacks chemistry with male leads, that's why her breakthrough roles are opposite female casts.


She first made a name for herself opposite Julie Andrews in Princess Diaries. Then she starred in The Devil Wears Prada. She was actually quite sweet there but stood no chance against Meryl Streep.

7. And she actually wore a Prada.

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But she couldn't pull it off. It was as if the Devil played her, and she became the running joke during Oscar's red carpets with her visible nipples. She had picked that dress two hours before the ceremony, and later apologized to Valentino for not going with that fashion house.

11. Her horrible Oscar speech was the tipping point.

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Was it because she was fake? Did she hesitate for a moment when Christopher Plummer called her Miss? How many times did she write the speech in her head? Did she really deserve it? She probably felt pretty bad when everyone loved Daniel Day Lewis and spoke about how humble he was at the awards.

12. And finally, because she is not her!

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Jennifer Lawrence is natural and sweet. She only acts in movies, not in life. Even her fall during the Oscar ceremony proved that. She is the new media princess until we all start hating her.

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