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    The Best Of Voldemort On Grindr...So Far

    The Dark Lord needs love, too. Text may be NSFW-ish, especially if you work at the Ministry of Magic.

    Twitter user @bradromance89 has been posing as "Harry Potter" villain, Voldemort, on the hook-up site, Grindr. His last horcrux must have been a leather-studded iPhone case.

    Innuendo Much?

    That Undead Smile

    Bow to His Rosy Cheeks

    Fresh from the Cauldron

    I Put a Spell on You

    Wand Shopping?

    These Aren't the Nerds You're Looking For

    Going for the House Cup

    Looking for a Whore-crux

    He Who Shall Not Be Named

    Respond to the Dark Lord!

    Ride My Pony


    Surely, there will be more to come!

    What would you say to pick up ol' Voldy?