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The Best And Worst Of The "Under The Dome" Premiere's mostly worst. Also, spoilers, if anyone cares.

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Worst - THIS GUY


Seriously, everything about this character is the worst. From dropping out of school, to being abusive, to playing with a butterfly knife, to stalking in a leather jacket, to kidnapping, to his huge face!

Worst - Lesbian Family HAS to be from Out of Town


They can't be from the actual town the dome falls upon. They have to be from out of town, just travelling through, as they bring their delinquent daughter to a rich summer camp. Immediately, they are outcasts from the community.

Worst - Everyone is at Denny's or the Parade!


Everyone is split apart - husbands and wives, kids and parents, cows and...other half of cows. The most important people from the town are off at the new Denny's or the parade in a nearby town.

Worst - Seizure Kids


This poor, unfortunate, dorky kid could have been on to something...if only he (and other kids) hadn't had a really creepy seizure. An electrified dome wasn't enough, cryptic messages have to be told through the children!

Is there any hope for the series? Probably not.

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