Lord Voldemort On Grindr: Part 2

Voldy and the Chamber of Dirty Secrets! Text is, once again, NSFW.

@BradRomance89 is back again as the Dark Lord on hook-up site, Grindr!

Read Part One: The Best Of Voldemort On Grindr…So Far, here.

2. Doesn’t seem very cheery

3. Could it be?

You can also chat with his nipple, apparently.

5. D was a worthy chat-versary

14. Quite the conversationalist

16. He knows his spells

18. Barty Crouch will not be pleased

19. Wand to have some fun?

20. Neil before the Dark Lord!

23. I’ve given him all he’s got, captain

24. Voldy the playa

25. Don’t leave us now!

Will the Dark Lord return?!

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