14 Shows Everyone Claims To Have Watched

Because you never want to look stupid in front of your friends. “Two and a Half Men” fans need not apply.

Sometimes you watch shows and sometimes you have to pretend, lest ye look uncultured. Here’s 14 of the biggest shows you better catch up on.

2. Breaking Bad

Malcolm in the Middle’s dad got serious!

4. The Walking Dead

Why doesn’t Carl just go back in the house?

6. Game of Thrones

Yeah, that wedding was crazy! Did…did they still get married?

8. Dexter

Via afk.ie

Isn’t buying all that murder plastic a big red flag?

10. House

Why is he such a meanie?

12. LOST

Of course I know the numbers. 4…8…15…24601?

14. Downton Abbey

When do they take out their wands and use some magic?!

16. The Sopranos

That last episode ending was so…controversial…?

*So sad to see him go

18. Doctor Who

My favorite Doctor? Of course I have a favorite! Umm, Doctor 8?

20. Mad Men

Via gq.com

Am I supposed to drink that much in my office?

22. The Wire

Omar? Yeah, I love Omar. We’re like the same person!

24. Arrested Development

So are they all in jail or not?

26. Homeland

Yeah I watch it, I’m not a terrorist or anything!

28. The Newsroom

I know politics and stuff. Like, that hurricane really sucked.

Are there others shows you’ve claimed to have watched, but never did? It’s okay, we won’t tell anyone.

Share your shows below!

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