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    • OrangeSun

      When I was in my first years of school, my teachers decided that i had a reading problem, so i had to attend special-ed classes for kids with dyslexia, after about a year, where I had to read short stories for toddlers, trying to improve my ”disability”, my school decided that they couldn’t teach me anything and kicked me out of the program. My father knew I did’nt have a reading problem and knew the school was wrong in diagnosing me in the first place, read the first half of ”Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone for me over the summerbreak, knowing the only reading problem I had was the ”dumbing things down for me part”, stopped and knowing I could’nt wait for him to read the rest of the book, told me to just read it it myself if I wanted to know the rest and needless to say I haven’t had a reading problem since. this was in denmark by the way, in the late 90’s when In was around seven or eight

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