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How Embarrassing Moments Look To You Vs. To Everyone Else

Oh the shame! Minimize cold sore pain with Orajel™, your go-to for temporary pain relief.

1. Having a bit of lunch leftover in your teeth hours later.

2. Tripping and falling on your butt.

3. Confidently misquoting song lyrics.

4. Waving to someone before realizing they're not who you thought they were.

5. Ripping your pants.

6. Accidentally calling your co-worker a spousal nickname.

7. Tracking toilet paper out of the bathroom and into your meeting.

8. Playing (embarrassing) music on your headphones, but realizing they're unplugged and you've been blasting it out loud.

9. Passing gas at yoga during meditation.

10. When your skirt gets caught in the top of your tights.

Having a cold sore.

Photographs by Thinkstock, illustrations by Kristin Rossi / BuzzFeed.

This one really is *that* bad. Minimize the pain of cold sores with Orajel™, your go-to for temporary cold sore pain relief!