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      Whoever created this so-called statistical research on black women being ugly is downright retarded! When has anyone seen two Native Americans? An Indian in America would not have given your pathetic, ignorant ass the time of day. Let alone do some attractiveness research on them. When you surveyed white women were they wearing make-up or natural? Please tell me, because when white women take their make-up, off, they do not look like the same person when they were made up. I mean they can look pretty damn scary, like a dead person! Also were the white women you researched had any cosmetic surgery or breasts implants? Lastly, what planet of women did you use? Pluto? And finally, are you a white male or white female that did this pathetic survey? I want to know because if you’re a white female, you probably enjoy having sex with black men and use them for sex. If you’re a white male, you probably behind close doors admire black men or want to be black! In any case, you’re jealous as hell of black women and probably worship them behind close doors as well!

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