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  • A New Look At The Second Amendment

    Author Michael Waldman joins Larry to talk about his book, The Second Amendment: A Biography. What’s the true meaning behind this ambiguous part of the Bill of Rights? Plus, a vet’s perspective on the situation in Iraq & the scandal within the V.A.

  • Al Sharpton: A Rat Or A Cat? - Off The Grid

    In this #OffTheGrid exclusive, Jesse Ventura responds to the news that the Reverend Al Sharpton was an FBI informant on the Genovese mob family. Sharpton insists he wasn’t a rat, he was a cat, because he “chased rats,” but the Governor begs to…

  • Tony Goldwyn - Larry King Now - Ora.Tv

    Tony Goldwyn sits down with Larry to chat about his role as President Fitzgerald Grant on the hit show Scandal, about his project Outlaw Prophet: Warren Jeffs and his latest directing/producing gig The Divide.

  • American Idol Is Fake And Fixed

    Linda Perry blasts American Idol, asserting that the contestants wouldn’t land record deals in real life and that the competition is fixed from jump street.

  • Troian Bellisario - Larry King Now

    Pretty Little Liar Troian Bellisario sits down with Larry to discuss the popularity of the show, growing up in Hollywood with famous parents and being engaged to fellow actor Patrick J. Adams.

  • CIA Torture & The Nuremberg Defense

    In this Ora TV exclusive, the Governor takes to task the CIA psychologist, James Mitchell, who designed the government’s post-9/11 torture program. Mitchell claims he has nothing to apologize for as he was just following orders…which, as Jesse…

  • The Cast Of "Girl Meets World" - Larry King Now

    Cory and Topanga are back! Fourteen years after Ben Savage & Danielle Fishel bid farewell to “Boy Meets World,” the duo joins Larry to dish on the reprisal of their iconic characters in the show’s much anticipated remake, “Girl Meets World.”

  • AskJesse: The Definition Of A Patriot

    Once again, it’s all about you…the vigilant viewer! What questions did you have in store for Jesse today? The Governor takes on any and every topic, including the Lincoln assassination, what makes a true patriot, and even addresses the…

  • Trey Songz - Larry King Now - Ora.Tv

    As he prepares for the release of his sixth album, Trey Songz joins Larry for an intimate conversation about the man he credits for his music education, what his mom sacrificed for his success, and how Trey really feels about being a sex symbol.

  • Counter-Conspiracy: Chemtrails - Off The Grid

    Today on #OffTheGrid, we’re holding our breath, until Jesse Ventura gets to the bottom of the Chemtrails Conspiracy! Is the U.S. Government poisoning our skies? Or are people mistaking vapor trails left by jets for harmful chemicals? Later, the…

  • Is Now The Time For Gun Control?

    President Obama wants $1.1 billion for his “Now Is the Time” gun control initiative, but Jesse Ventura thinks the government needs to exercise some gun control on themselves before they try to infringe upon the Second Amendment. Plus, he takes…

  • The Truth About Lobbying - Off The Grid

    Whether you call it “pulling favors” or “illegal bribery,” it’s happening all over Washington, D.C… Lobbying! Today, Jesse Ventura gets to the bottom of the lobbyists’ business as he follows the Money Trail right to their doors on K Street.…

  • Kato Kaelin - Larry King Now - Ora.Tv

    On the 20th anniversary of the infamous Bronco chase, Larry sits down with the O.J. Simpson trial’s most famous witness: Kato Kaelin. The houseguest opens up about the case’s lasting impact, what the TV cameras missed, & if he thinks O.J. is guilty.

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