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14 Struggles Of Slow Internet That We've All Experienced

Got 99 problems, but it's the absolute worst when bad wifi is one.

1. When you're neck-deep streaming your latest binge and your wifi keeps buffering.

2. When you've been counting down all day to order the best tacos of your life for Friday night delivery and your connection completely fails you.

3. When you're on the weekly office video dial-up and your face keeps freezing in unflattering poses every time it's your turn to speak.

4. When you hit send at 4:59 on a 5 p.m. deadline you've been slaving away on all day — only to be repeatedly served a "not sent" notification.

5. When you're in the midst of jamming to the hottest EP release of the moment and your streaming service shamelessly bites the dust.

6. When you're trying to reconcile the weekly figures for your entire team and slow wifi keeps killing your vibe.

7. When you want to bail on a bad first date but your getaway car app won't load fast enough, so you've got no choice but to fake illness and abort, stat.

8. When you're on very important dinner party DJ duties and your signal waivers just before the beat is about to drop.

9. When you upload a story in the heat of the moment and suffer instant over-sharers regret only to find your internet failing you in your urgent frenzied mission to delete.

10. When even restarting your modem won't fix things.

11. When the group text with your mates is absolutely blowing up but your bad connection is gagging you from getting involved.

12. That sickening moment mid scroll when you’ve been clicking for five years to get your browser to respond — and then when it finally does, in some sick act of karmic retribution, you end up accidentally liking your ex's selfie.

13. When you've searched for an impressive (and highly technical) recipe to blow the socks off your better half and midway though julienning, your internet drops out.

14. And finally, when all the frantic refreshing in the world does nothing to help your bad connection.

It may be time to upgrade your modem to avoid a repeat of these soul-destroying situations. Optus NBN and Ultra Wifi Modem with trusty 4G backup will future-proof your interweb activity with a more reliable connection. Praise be!

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