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11 People Who Said Yes To Individuality

They did it their way. Life asked them to be different, and they said #YES.

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1. This chap, who's got canned heat in his heels:

2. This individual, who was just following instructions:

3. This boy, who really doesn't care what you think:

4. This girl, who refused to stand still for her portrait:

Whistler / Tate Collectives / Courtesy of

5. This gentleman, who said "BEGONE!" to pedals:

Joseph M. Schenck Productions / Via

6. These sports people, who prefer unconventional head decor:

7. This tiny dancer, who knows how to work a camera:


8. This child, who knows exactly what to do with frozen treats on hot days:

9. This squire, who doesn't care for table manners:

10. This handyman, who has the ultimate party trick:

11. And this humble professional, who knew how to convert a fail into a spectacular win:

Here's to living more #YES!

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