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11 Things You Learn At Uni That You Won't Be Graded On

There's more to uni than a piece of paper. And there's more than one way to study thanks to OUA.

1. How to turn two-minute noodles into a ~gourmet~ meal.

2. How to juggle your assignments/jobs/internships/social life.

3. How to make new friends as an adult.

4. How to still have a social life when you're broke.

5. How to stay motivated when working on your own.

6. How to start AND finish an entire assignment the night before it's due.

7. Then how to actually function the next day when you haven't slept.

8. How to manage your own money.

9. How to successfully nap at any hour of the day.

10. How to work out what to prioritise when literally everything is "urgent".

11. How to make time for the things you enjoy.

You'll learn a lot of things at uni, and now you can learn them in a way that suits you. Tailor your degree to suit you with online courses from leading Australian universities. Enrol with OUA today.