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    Lookit These Library Cards From Around The US!

    From the papyri scrolls of ancient Alexandria, to Benjamin Franklin’s Junto in Philadelphia, to the “bookless” library in San Antonio, to the very mobile Lower Ninth Ward Street Library in New Orleans, libraries hold the knowledge of a culture—and are greater than the sum of their holdings. Did you know that libraries in every state lend print and digital books? And all for free!

    1. Birmingham, Alabama

    2. Fairbanks, Alaska

    3. Phoenix, Arizona

    4. Fayetteville, Arkansas

    5. Los Angeles, California

    6. Denver, Colorado

    7. New Haven, Connecticut

    8. New Castle, Delaware

    9. Orlando, Florida

    10. Smyrna, Georgia

    11. Honolulu, Hawaii

    12. Boise, Idaho

    13. Chicago, Illinois

    14. Indianapolis, Indiana

    15. Des Moines, Iowa

    16. Kansas City, Kansas

    17. Louisville, Kentucky

    18. New Orleans, Louisiana

    19. Winthrop, Maine

    20. Ocean Pines, Maryland

    21. Detroit, Michigan

    22. Boston, Massachusetts

    23. Minnetonka, Minnesota

    24. Rankin, Mississippi

    25. Springfield, Missouri

    Independence, Missouri

    26. Helena, Montana

    27. Omaha, Nebraska

    28. Las Vegas, Nevada

    29. Manchester, New Hampshire

    30. Westampton, New Jersey

    31. Santa Fe, New Mexico

    32. New York, New York

    33. Greensboro, North Carolina

    34. Grand Forks, North Dakota

    35. Dayton, Ohio

    36. Tulsa, Oklahoma

    37. Portland, Oregon

    38. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    39. Newport, Rhode Island

    40. Columbia, South Carolina

    41. Pierre, South Dakota

    42. Nashville, Tennessee

    43. Arlington, Texas

    44. Richfield, Utah

    45. Burlington, Vermont

    46. Virginia Beach, Virginia

    47. Seattle, Washington

    48. Charleston, West Virginia

    49. Madison, Wisconsin

    50. Cheyenne, Wyoming