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16 Apps You're Likely To Find On A Book Nerd's Smartphone

How book-nerdy are you? If you have 8 or more of these apps on your smartphone or tablet, you are officially a book nerd. Welcome to the club!

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1. New York Times Crosswords


Why: Book nerds are generally word nerds, too. They love words and crossword puzzles. The New York Times has an app for users to enjoy their daily puzzles, puzzle packs, and archived puzzles. What's a 7-letter word for "cool" that starts with "A-W-E"?

2. OverDrive


Why: OverDrive partners with thousands of libraries for users to read ebooks, listen to audiobooks, and stream video from their databases. Here’s a major perk: Titles are automatically returned when they’re due.

5. Oyster Books


Why: Oyster Books has been called “The Netflix of Books.” An Oyster app subscription gives you access to more than 500,000 books, with new ones added every week. It also gives you personalized recommendations and spotlights books chosen by their editorial team.

8. New York Public Library


Why: The NYPL app allows members to access information about their accounts, find titles in the library's collection (including availability), and look up branch information. (You must register your account with the NYPL catalog and be a library cardholder to get the app.)

9. PopWords!


Why: For those who grew up playing Boggle and doing word-search puzzles with family and friends, PopWords! provides short bursts of adrenaline and lots of positive reinforcement. Warning: It's addictive.

11. NPR


Why: The NPR app keeps you up-to-date on news, arts & life, and music while you're away from your computer. You can read stories, listen live (and play segments from their archive), and bookmark your fave programs and podcasts.

15. Goodreads


Why: The Goodreads app is a way to keep track of what you’ve read, what you're currently reading, and what you want to read. It also allows you to browse through recommendations based on your preferences, see what your friends are reading, join groups, and rate and review books you've read.

16. Mad Libs


Why: Mad Libs allows book nerds to create their own stories following similar zany templates as found in the Mad Libs books. Perfect for a long wait at the doctor’s office or while on line at the bookstore...