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Real-Life Tough Guys Who Have A Softer Side

Even the toughest guys have a soft side. Case point: the Opel ADAM ROCKS: living proof that you don't have to be 100% of a brute to be tough.

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1. The tough guy who maybe wasn't that tough

2. The storm-chaser who took time out to rescue a kitten

Despite 145 mph winds and tornado wreckage News Center 7 storm-chaser Rich Wirdzek stopped his news report to save a tiny kitten he heard mewing in the wreckage.

3. The dad who helped his half-shell hero son practice his moves

4. The 5K runner who brings along a passenger

Tony Alter/Flickr/(CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: 78428166@N00

5. The jungle king who was terrified of a bird

6. This soldier who had a soft spot

Scott Nelson / Getty Images

7. The dad that totally nailed doing his daughter’s hair

8. The DIY fiend who gave up his drill for a greater good

9. The Dark Lord who had time for some father-son bonding

10. The kid who was a lover, not a fighter

11. Single lady Kryptonite = big tall men who like tiny kittens

12. The window cleaners who dress up as superheroes to entertain sick kids at the hospital

Chicago Tribune / Getty Images

13. The mountaineer who found and rescued a lamb on his climb

14. The tattooed tough guy who likes nothing more than to sing to his hedgehog at bath time

Something else that’s tough but has a soft side:

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Check out the Opel ADAM ROCKS, because there's more to small than meets the eye.