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13 Little Things That Make You Feel Really Tough

Some of us aren't born so tough. It's a sad fact of life. One car that knows what tough is all about – the Opel ADAM ROCKS.

1. Opening a bottle with something other than a bottle-opener.

2. Ordering the spiciest thing on the menu.

3. Having a legitimate reason to kick a door down and then actually managing to do so.

4. Holding all of your significant other’s shopping bags with one hand.

5. Using/owning a toolbox.

6. Opening a jar first time.

7. Using a big electric drill for manly tasks.

8. Strolling proudly past a large dog in the street.

9. Sharpening a pencil with a knife.

10. Rubbing your stubbly chin.

11. Lighting a barbecue without crying/googling/having to call your dad.

12. Rolling your sleeves up on your shirt.

13. Putting out a candle with your fingers.

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