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12 Small Animals That Definitely Aren't Cute

Not everything that is small is cute. Take the Opel ADAM ROCKS: despite its compact nature, it's a hard-driving, reliable brute of a machine.

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1. This puppy / Via

So small, but so deadly.

2. This little cat that likes to start fights

3. This bullying baby goat / Via

Not cool Buttermilk.

4. This cat, who will strike when you least expect.

5. This puppy who doesn't want his brother stealing the limelight

6. This tiny chimp who proves that sibling rivalry transcends all species / Via

NB. Chimps can't swim.

7. This little sheep that won't stop butting in

8. This tortoise who is just a massive jerk for no good reason

9. This cat who doesn't look too bad… / Via

Until you think about what's going to happen the next time you go in there, and reach for the roll.

10. The rabbit who is set on destroying this place of interspecies harmony

11. The small cat with a big, selfish personality

12. This cat, who just couldn't resist.