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    RuPaul's Drag Race Queens I Would Love To See On All Stars

    Disclaimer: These are just my opinions, feel free to share who you want to see on All Stars in the comments- I'd love to know!

    Jade Jolie / Via

    Miss Jade Jolie has been busy! Recently, she played Taylor Swift in a Taylor Swift music video! I think her look has improved a ton since her season and I'd love to see her return.

    Vivacious / Via

    Queen of club kid couture I would LOVE to see Vivacious and Ornacia back in the work room. I feel like Vivacious had such a unique perspective and a different drag experience than most that brought something new to Drag Race.

    Mrs. Kasha Davis / Via

    I love Mrs. Kasha Davis and having seen her live I think she is a fantastic performer! Also the fact that she was eliminated for flubbing the word "Welcome" and pretty much no other reason? THEY OWE HER.

    Kim Chi

    Kim Chi / Via Instagram: @kimchi_chic

    I simply adore Kim Chi! She is so sweet and so artistic and talented. Kim Chi took every challenge from Season 8 and brought it to the next level. Since being on drag race Kim Chi has elevated her look and even started her own makeup line!

    Laila McQueen

    Laila McQueen / Via Instagram: @misslailamcqueen

    Laila left first on Drag Race but has since improved so much! Just look at her! I felt like Laila was nervous on her season and I'd love to see her now that she seems more sure of herself.

    April Carrion

    April Carrion / Via Instagram: @aprilcarrion

    I always loved April's fashion and I think her drag has only improved with time and I think on All Stars she would make a great addition!

    Asia O'Hara

    Asia O'Hara / Via Instagram: @asiaoharaland

    I feel like Asia lost her final lipsync because of bad luck. She didn't know there would be a whole butterflyiasco (butterfly fiasco). Asia is a super talented and polished queen that deserves a second chance.

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