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    Ranking The "Pretty Little Liars" Boyfriends And Girlfriends From "Worst" To "First"

    "Ezra's honestly creepy." —A, probably


    Pretty Little Liars premiered in 2010, and I'm honestly still thinking about how *bonkers* it was. Today, I've decided to rank the PLL's significant others — okay not all of them, but some of the more *significant* significant others — from "absolutely terrible" to "honestly pretty great." Without further ado, here's where everyone stands:

    16. Elliott Rollins


    Do I even need to explain this one?

    Grade: Is there a grade lower than F?

    Best Moment: Literally none, this guy was fake from the start.

    15. Andrew Campbell


    Andrew was way too intense at all times. Also, he secretly hated Aria while they were dating? I don't get him. Not a good guy.

    Grade: F

    Best Moment: When he saved Aria, Spencer, and Emily from Cyrus with his baseball bat.

    14. Noel Kahn

    Freeform / Via

    Noel wasn't that bad of a boyfriend to Aria. He (correctly) thought Ezra was a creep and was trying to save Aria. Don't get me wrong, he was the worst later on and literally murdered someone, but in Season One? Not the worst. However, he was a big jerk to Mona, and I didn't appreciate it.

    Grade: D-

    Best Moment: Playing guitar while Aria sang during the storm at school.

    13. Ezra Fitz


    DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON MR. FITZ. Between dating Alison, writing a book about the girls, using Aria, and continuing to date her after finding out she was his's just too much! He was the adult; he needed to be way more responsible. Also, Ezra had some major anger issues. But I guess after Aria was out of high school he was okay. Still a bit weird that they got married, though.

    Grade: D+

    Best Moment: When he literally saved the Liars' lives and took a bullet for them.

    12. Sean Ackard


    Hanna's first boyfriend...He was fine? He was occasionally a bit of a douchebag, but overall he was okay for a Season One boyfriend.

    Grade: C-

    Best Moment: Forgiving Hanna for literally stealing and crashing his car.

    11. Liam Greene


    Liam...I feel like I barely remember anything about him except he worked with Aria and was nice?

    Grade: C

    Best Moment: I think he told Aria he missed her or something.

    10. Samara Cook


    Samara falls very middle-of-the-road for me. She was nice and all, but she was pretty boring. There wasn't much of a spark between her and Emily.

    Grade: C+

    Best Moment: Bonding with Pam Fields over scrapbooking and earning her approval.

    9. Travis Hobbs


    Travis was a really great guy for helping Hanna and her mom, but after that he got high-key boring. Not bad, but boring. He and Hanna had a mediocre relationship at best.

    Grade: B+

    Best Moment: Playing pool with Hanna and subsequently making out.

    8. Alex Santiago


    Alex gets points because he was very attractive, but other than that, there wasn't much to him as a person?

    Grade: B

    Best Moment: Kitchen dancing with Spencer at the country club.

    7. Jordan Hobart


    I felt bad for Jordan. He loved Hanna so much, but couldn't compete with what she and Caleb had. He was actually a really nice and understanding guy who was willing to forgive literally anything Hanna did, even when it was illegal. He loses points for being a bit boring.

    Grade: B

    Best Moment: Taking Hanna to that cheesy romantic motel.

    6. Paige McCullers


    Okay, I have mixed feelings about Paige. Sometimes she could be a great girlfriend to Emily, and other times she was super controlling and jealous. I think she's a good person, but I don't think she was right for Emily.

    Grade: B-

    Best Moment: Pulling Emily on stage to sing "So What" by Pink at karaoke.

    5. Caleb Rivers


    Caleb was a GREAT boyfriend. He did everything and more for Hanna and the other girls. He loses points for dating Spencer, though. But still, Caleb is one of my favorite boyfriends.

    Grade: A-

    Best Moment: When he surprised Hanna with a marriage ceremony.

    4. Maya St. Germain


    Maya is a sweetheart who did not deserve the ending she got. She gets points for being funny too.

    Grade: A

    Best Moment: When Emily couldn't be on the swim team so she "brought the water to Emily" in the form of decorating her room in an underwater theme.

    3. Toby Cavanaugh


    Now, Toby had his ups and downs (including joining the A Team and joining the police force), but overall, he was always looking out for Spencer and the other girls. He also had a great character arc.

    Grade: A

    Best Moment: When he built Spencer that beautiful chair even though she had already broken up with him.

    2. Mike Montgomery


    Mike "Great Boyfriend" Montgomery. He stood by Mona through EVERYTHING. He knew exactly who she was and loved her for it. When he thought she was dead, he was devastated and clearly loved her so much. I was bummed when they never got back together when they flashed forward five years.

    Grade: A+

    Best Moment: When he was watching all of Mona's favorite movies after she disappeared.

    1. Jake


    LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT JAKE. He was the BEST boyfriend to Aria, and she did not deserve him. He was so sweet, so handsome, and so good. And Aria went and cheated on him with Ezra! I want justice for Jake.

    Grade: A++++

    Best Moment: Giving Aria that pair of teal cowboy boots that fit perfectly because he can do no wrong.

    *Cue gasps*


    Well, there you have it! Who were your favorite PLL significant others? Feel free to sound off in the comments below!