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    I Watched "17 Again" For The First Time As An Adult And I Never Realized How Creepy It Is

    Parts of this movie are kind of disturbing!

    17 Again was released in 2009 and has just recently made an appearance on Netflix. Naturally, I needed to rewatch for the first time as an adult and see if the movie still holds up.

    1. Zac Efron is dancing, we're off to a great start.

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    Troy was right — you can mix dancing and basketball!

    2. With Mike being so nostalgic about high school, this is feeling very It's A Wonderful Life*...

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    *if George Bailey peaked in high school, that is.

    3. Here we go, Zac Efron is 17 again and suddenly I am 13 again...

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    4. I forgot Georgina Sparks was in this!

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    This line did not age well...

    5. Remember when people really dressed like this? Graphic tees and sideways caps?

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    But, boy does Zac Efron know how to work a garment!

    6. Can we talk about Zac Efron in this scene? Where is his Oscar for putting on his jacket like that?

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    There was really a missed opportunity for a makeover montage here.

    7. Who could forget this ICONIC cafeteria monologue?!

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    "First, I'm gonna call your father..." LOL.

    8. I remember very distinctly that I did not understand the health class scene as a child...

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    This is very Mean Girls: "Everybody take some rubbers."

    9. Zac Efron is checking out his wife who doesn't know it's him because he's 17 and she thinks he's her son's friend!?! Very uncomfortable!

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Okay, this is sometimes painful to watch...

    10. "Carnations? What a douchebag!" Zac basically said, "This is Leslie Mann, the budget for flowers should be way higher!"

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    11. I like how they casually threw in some important life lessons.

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    The scene about feelings is still relevant.

    12. Okay, I can relate to Ned...

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    I don't know how to act normal, either.

    13. Now, his young daughter is coming on to him because she doesn't know it's her father! Yikes!

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Oh this is beyond disturbing...

    14. Mike/Mark, you can't try to kiss Scarlet!

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    She's an adult, you're 17!

    15. Zac Efron is an amazing actor I don't care what anyone says...

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    The "I lost my way" scene proves that.

    16. I lowkey forgot that Scarlet finds out Zac was really her husband all along!

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    Very full circle, I love that.

    My overall opinion: this movie still holds up!

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

    If you're looking for a fun nostalgic movie with the perfect amount of Zac Efron, I highly recommend.

    Thank you, Zac Efron. Your contributions to society do not go unnoticed.

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