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    I Rewatched "Aquamarine" For The First Time In A Long Time And I Have A Lot Of Thoughts

    Hailey and Claire are in EIGHTH GRADE?!

    No time for small talk, let's jump right in. Shall we?

    Growing up I assumed Hailey and Claire were in high school.

    What are Cecelia and her friends doing?

    Aquamarine invented DIY.

    And Raymond? Doesn't seem to be a very good lifeguard.

    Exhibit A: he feels the need to take his shirt off before he jumps in the pool to save Claire?

    Exhibit B: Raymond puts a band-aid on Aqua's wound without cleaning it off!

    Exhibit C: When Cecelia pushes Aqua in the water Raymond says "I'll go get my rescue board!" and comes back like 10 MINUTES later with a SURFBOARD? HELLO?

    Are they allowed to say that?

    Wouldn't Aqua get a tail when she cries?

    Speaking of Miss Aquamarine...

    The fact that JoJo didn't get to sing in this?

    And finally, THE BEST LINE OF THE FILM!