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11 Things Responsible Dog Breeders Want You To Know

"We are pro-adoption and anti-backyardbreeders just as you are!"

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1. Don't compare us to Backyard breeders

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Lots of people believe that breeders just want to make money and abuse the dogs they own, but for us, our dogs are our whole live.

2. We love our dogs like nothing else

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We spend high amount of money and time to give them everything they need. Nothing is to expensive when it comes to the care of our family members.

3. Every puppy that leaves, takes a part of us with him

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We don't just care for the puppies the moment they were born, we already took care of them when their mother was pregnant. The best food, correct exercise, regular veterinarian controls and the list goes on. When they are born we spend minimum two months in socializing and giving them everything they need until they go to their new familys. Every puppy that leaves takes a little part of our heart and our soul with them.

4. Yes, we go to Dog Shows and we enjoy it as a team

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Dog shows are our hobby. We spend a lot of time and money to get some titles for our dogs. The titles are important so we know we only breed with the "best" examples of the breed and improve breed healthiness. We also compare males and females for future breeding. But most of the time we just enjoy seeing friends who normally lives hours away. Our dogs enjoy the shows too! A scared or unhappy dog would never present himself in his best manner and he would not win anything if not in perfect mental condition. If a dog don't enjoy the dog shows, we usually leave him outside the ring.

5. We don't receive any money at the dog shows!

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No, we don't get any money. We just receive a rosette or sometimes a tiny trophy if we achieve to be one of the 3 best dogs of our breed. But we spend a lot of money for our travel, hotel, inscription fee (which can be up to 90$!) and all the other costs which occurs while we are on the show ground. Its a very expensive hobby but we love it.

6. They don't have to stay still for hours

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First of all, the stacking ist trained just like "lay down" or "sit". They do it because they want and because they know they will get a treat afterwards. Usually the stacking in the Showring does not exceed more then 1-2 minutes while the judge looks at the dog. In the rest of the time the dog ist on the leash and can sit, lay down or stay as he is confortable with.

7. Yes we know about dog shelters

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We know that there are dogs in shelters and know what? Most of us breeders own rescue dogs by ourself. We are absolutely pro-adoption and if you gonna get a dog and you don't care if it is purebred or not, then go to the shelter!

8. We can't stand puppy mills!

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Our puppies are born in our house and live with us just like our family. We hate puppy mills and speak up against them. We don't support puppy mills and would never recommend nor sale any dogs to them. Also most breeders are against pet stores and puppy selling in stores because they are our family and not toys.

9. Yes, we will ask for money if you want to buy a puppy

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We have a lot of costs with the puppies and their mothers. Not only food and veterinarian but also for the matting with the male (some stud fee can go up to 1.300$) and any other costs like c-sections, etc. We don't earn money with the puppies, we just ask you to give us part of the money we spend so we can continue breeding healthy dogs. And yes, sometimes there will be some extra money for us when all puppies are sold. But guess what? With that money we will buy dog food, go to the vet or do anything else for our dogs. We won't live from that money.

10. We have a job!

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Yes, we have a job and we don't live from our dogs. They only produce a lot of expensive costs and someone have to pay for them. So we have a job and are working. Some of us work as cashier, some as advocate, some as policeman... we are normal people... or maybe a little bit better.

11. Adopt don't shop?

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It should say "Adopt or go to reputable breeders"

Different people have different reasons why they choose to adopt or don't adopt from shelters. But never should someone get a dog from potshops or puppy mills not only because they puppies suffer but most of all because the mothers suffer their whole live and no one cares. So, if you want to get a purebred dog, then go to a reputable breeders who does health testing and think about spending between 800$ and 1400$ for a healthy puppy. And if you don't have this money, then please go to your local shelter and look for a rescue dog who need your help. But never buy a puppy from backyard breeders, puppy mills, potshops or people claiming they just wanted to have babies, because they are irresponsible and they WILL make money with the puppies!

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