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Top 10 Moments From The BET Awards

As the 2014 BET Awards are set to air June 29, 2014, lets recap the past moments that made us go "OMG"

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10. Chris Brown's Meltdown

During his 2009 tribute to Michael Jackson, Chris left his emotions on the stage.

9. 90's Divas Whitney Houston Tribute

The tribute to the late Whitney Houston in 2012 included some of the top female artists from the 90's, including Mariah Carey, Brandy, and Monica.

8. Kanye's Freestyle

At the 2012 Awards show, his freestyle at the very end of his performance left the crowd wanting more

7. Jennifer Hudson & Jennifer Holiday Duet

After the two divas made headlines for their feud, the two came together in 2007 for a magnetic duet.

6. Fugees Reunion

The hip hop group reunited at the 2005 awards show

5. Beyonce & Jay-Z Fight for ‘Video of the Year’

At 2013 Awards show, this husband and wife duo were both nominated in the same category ... hubby won

4. Will & Jada as Hosts

This hilarious power couple took the 2005 Awards show by storm

3. Destiny's Child Lapdance

Which basically turned into the" Beyonce giving Terrence Howard" a lap-dance performance

1. Monique as Beyonce

During her opening segment as the host of the 2003 BET Awards, Monique gave us her best Beyonce performance

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