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15 Ways To Piss Off Your Server

If you ever want to know a sure way to get bad service? Just do the following ....

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6. You're GOING to Get Auto-Grated

Best believe if you come in with a party of 6 or more I am obligated to hit you with auto gratuity. No questions asked. And don't get bent out of shape when you see it on the bill either.

7. The Waiter Isn't The Cook

If your meal was prepared incorrectly, don't get bitchy with the waiter. They don't cook the food, they simply serve it. Politely ask them to relay the message to the kitchen, but don't go off on the server, it isn't their fault.

9. You're Going to Get Upcharged

If you want things like extra cheese, a double shot, or whatever, it has to be rung into the system as the waiter can't just go get it themselves, they have to go through the kitchen or the bartender, who will want a ticket for the item. Don't get upset if your waiter can't slide you something for free.

11. Complaining About Waiting

Either for a seat or for food. You see the restaurant is packed, you're going to have to wait for a seat. And if you order a well-done steak then it will take a little longer. Be patient. If you're in a hurry let your waiter know before you order so they can give you a time estimate.

12. Getting Drunk At The Table

Don't get drunk and start having conversations with your waiter that borderline sexual harassment. This is a restaurant, not a bar. Go get drunk somewhere else. And no, you can not get a to-go cup for your Jack and coke.

13. Thinking You Run Shit Because You Know The Owner

No one cares if you know the owner or the manager. Unless they come to the server directly telling them to give you something for free or at a discount, who you know doesn't really matter.

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