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There's A Travel Agency In Tokyo For Your Stuffed Animals

Unagi Travel offers tours for your stuffed animals, and no you can't come.

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Just because you don't have time to take a vacation, doesn't mean your stuffed animal should suffer.

Unagi Travel organizes tours for your plush buddies throughout Japan, Europe, and the United States!

Don't believe it? Unagi documents the whole tour, uploading pictures daily that allow owners to keep in touch with their furry friends.

"Hey mom look at me!"

"Look candid everyone"


"Make sure you get the bridge in the back"

"So this is what all the hype is about?"

"I imagined it being so much bigger"

"I imagined it being so much bigger"

While they're not busy touring, the stuffed animals have some downtime to hang with new friends.

Occasionally even getting a little rowdy.



Once the tour is over, you should expect your stuffed animal home within 7-10 days.

"Until next time..."

"Until next time..."

Just think how excited you'll be to see each other!

Distance makes the heart grow fonder

So with the holiday season approaching, give your stuffed animal what it really wants.

View this video on YouTube

pretty sure my stuffed animal can waterski better than that

Interested in sending your stuffed animal abroad? Check out Unagi Travel's website below:

And yes, this is real.

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