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    There's A 24/7 Beyoncé Channel To Celebrate Her Majesty's Birthday

    She's 33 and more ***FLAWLESS than ever.

    In honor of Beyoncé's birthday, Pluto.TV has launched a 24/7 Beyoncé channel for all who wish to pay respect to the Queen on her birthday.

    The channel features several "episodes" of all things Beyoncé including:

    "Beyoncé Live"

    "Beyoncé Slow Jams"

    "Beyoncé's Best Fashion Moments"

    "Destiny's Child"

    "Best of Beyoncé Choreography"

    "The Best Beyoncé Movie Clips"

    "Inspired by Beyoncé"

    "The Complete Beyoncé"

    Happy Beyday!