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There's A 24/7 Beyoncé Channel To Celebrate Her Majesty's Birthday

She's 33 and more ***FLAWLESS than ever.

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In honor of Beyoncé's birthday, Pluto.TV has launched a 24/7 Beyoncé channel for all who wish to pay respect to the Queen on her birthday.

The channel features several "episodes" of all things Beyoncé including:

"Beyoncé Live"

A compilation of the diva's best performances.

"Beyoncé Slow Jams" / Via

Put love on top with this playlist of Bey's most reflective, passionate songs.

"Beyoncé's Best Fashion Moments"

Celebrating Beyonce's best freakum dresses and red carpet style.

"Destiny's Child"

For all the women, who are independent - check out this compilation of Destiny's Child hits from when Beyoncé first entered the spotlight.

"Best of Beyoncé Choreography"

Watch Bey run the world with a highlight reel of dance moves from her music videos.

"The Best Beyoncé Movie Clips"

New Line Cinema / Via

Fall crazy in love with this assortment of clips from Bey's film career.

"Inspired by Beyoncé"

NBC / Via

She may be irreplaceable, but give some credit to the dancers featured in this episode, who perform incredible choreography to Beyonce's hit songs.

"The Complete Beyoncé"

Pepsi / Via

Check on it: A mega block of every Beyoncé music video ever.

Happy Beyday!

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