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    An In-Depth Analysis Of How Hairy Nev Schulman Really Is

    Much like an Alaskan Musk Ox, Nev Schulman is quite the hairy being. Although he mostly keeps the hair tamed on his show Catfish, he's also not afraid to share it with the world.

    This is how Nev usually looks — not that hairy right?

    WRONG. Let us take a closer look:

    There are also these revealing images of his facial hair:




    5 o'clock shadow, all day every day.

    Proof of a correlation between facial hair and chest hair?

    I think so.

    I know what you're thinking, JUST TAKE YOUR DAMN SHIRT OFF ALREADY.

    And here you are:

    Because Nev ain't ashamed of no chest hair!

    In fact, he embraces it.

    And we love him for that.


    You can even purchase your very own replica of it.

    Most importantly though, you can follow it on Twitter.


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