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    30 Animal Cupcakes Too Cute To Eat

    But you will anyway, because they're cupcakes.

    1. This lovely sheep couple.

    2. This pig rolling in mud.

    3. This flock of turkeys.

    4. This happy cow.

    5. This adorable wittle horse.

    6. This baby chick.

    7. This pup who wants to kiss you.

    Really hope that's not an olive for a nose.

    8. This lion pride.

    9. These monkeys playing peek-a-boo.

    10. This simple zebra.

    11. This baby giraffe.



    12. This elephant.

    13. This tiger.

    14. These new born birds.

    15. This sleeping deer.

    16. This fox.

    17. This squirrel and his acorn.

    18. These BFF bunnies.

    19. This mouse and his cheese.

    20. This family of hedgehogs.

    21. This panda who's surprised to see you.

    22. This koala.

    23. This polar bear.

    24. These red pandas.

    25. This ADORABLE turtle.



    26. This hippo.

    27. This frog.

    28. This school of clown fish.

    29. This whale.

    30. And last but not least, this penguin all bundled up in a sparkly pink hat!


    So cute it hurts.

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